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Rough Turquoise Turquoise Facts
Turquoise Facts

Rough Turquoise is Great for Lapidary Use or Decoration

Q: What is the most desireable look in Turquoise?

A: This is an easy question to answer. Most of the time this is determined by the buyer. Some people like clear blue Turquoise free from inclusions, some people like spiderwebbed inclusions in the Turquoise, some people like matrix that makes a picture in the Turquoise, some people like Green Turquoise, some people like Dark Blue turquoise, some people like Pale Blue Turquoise. Most of the time beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This also seems to be predictable by nationality to some extent... for example.. the Japanese and Americans in general do not care for plain blue Turquoise.. they most frequently are looking for spiderweb Turquoise, while Italian people are looking for Clear Blue Turquoise with no inclusions.

Q: What type of LOOK in Turquoise is the most Valuable?

A: This is a loaded question when you consider the Q & A above... but I think the general agreed thought in the Turquoise collectors comunity is that Spiderweb Turquoise is the most valueable LOOK in Turquoise.

Q: Which MINE is the most important to the Turquoise's Value?

A: Turquoise has an added factor to determine its value that is different than any other gemstone in the world, where it came from, and specifically what mine, by name! The value of a specific piece of Turquoise is greatly determined by the mine it came from, and a lot of this is supply and demand as some mines produced tiny amounts of Turquoise in their lifetime, while others produced tons and are still in production. The most valuable mine to have Turquoise from is in-arguably The LANDER BLUE TURQUOISE MINE, which is said to have been a "hat mine" only producing 90 lbs of rough... ever!!! Sounds like a lot? That is nothing... about two 5 gallon buckets... one jewelry shop could use that in a year, especially back in the Turquoise Boom of the 60s and 70s. Not only was this Turquoise very limited it was also some of the finest spiderweb Turquoise to every come out of the earth. There are many other mines that come close in value for their top grade stones... such as Red Mountain, Lone Mountain, Bisbee, Blue Wind, Villa Grove, Indian Mountain.

In general American Turquoise is the most valuable world wide!

Q:What is the Difference between Natural Turquoise and Stabilized Turquoise?

A: Natural Turquoise is Turquoise that is mined and cut just as it comes out of the ground, it does not have any coloring substance or hardening substance added to it. Stabilized Turquoise is simply Turquoise that has had been soaked in resin or another substance added to it to make it harder. Usually this substance just fills the micro scopic pores in the Turquoise.. this is most commonly done to Chaulk Turquoise as gem grade Turquoise is too hard to take the treatment. On occassion gem Turquoise is stabilized just to harden the host rock that includes it.

Q: What is the difference between Stabilized and Enhanced Turquoise?

A: Stabilized Turquoise has been soaked in resin or the like, while Enhanced Turquoise has had been soaked in dye, heat treated or the like to make the color darker or to change the color. As of late, the Chinese in particular have been dying Chaulk Turquoise and Howlite to be Deep Blue, Lime Green, Purple, Pink, and Red!

Q: What is the difference between Stabilized and Re-constituted Turquoise?

A: Stabilized Turquoise is Turquoise that has been left in whole nuggets or vein chuncks and then soaked in resin or the like to fill the microscopic pores. Stabilized Turquoise is the next best thing to Natural Turquoise, the closest to Turquoise in its natural state. Stabilized Turquoise can even be quite expensive if it is highend stabilized material. Re-constituted Turquoise is Turquoise that has been crushed into a powder or many small chips of Turquoise that has been pressed back together with resin to form a "block". This is the lowest grade of Turquoise other than synthetic.

Keep an eye peeled our inventory of Rough Turquoise as it is always changing.

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